Thursday, October 29, 2009

it always comes back to cute boys.

so i have a big sloppy crush on my cute boy who's a friend.
and we totally hooked up this past weekend.
now we're friends who make out.
and text each other a thousand times a day.
it's disgusting, actually.
like princess-alathariel/eg vomit worthy.

i feel oddly calm about this...

could this actually be a good thing???

i'm waiting for it all to go to shit/me to have a freak out session in 10...9...8...7....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

dear princess a

your cookie is functionally disabled.
this is not a put down in any way shape or form.
or some sort of sexual reference.

i just can't access your blog.

fix please!!

silent blogging

sooo.... i'm feeling as though the rest of this blog circle has effed off somewhere. that's fine. just fine... the cheese stands alone. i can deal.
so what's new.
awesomeness. still working that angle. not bad, not bad.
i am no longer in any stupid confusing boy situations - however i have sworn off any and all office boys or similar. for absolutely real this time. it's not even appealing to me in the least anymore.

in other news - i'm getting my old feet back under me. i'm going to NYC in feb/march. oh yes... and not only am i going, but i'm doing a play there. my play. that i wrote. why? because i'm awesome.
i'm also going to s#!t my pants. seriously. holy F%$k. what the hell am i doing?
i expect you all to come and say i'm amazing even if i'm not.
also am finally putting together a cabaret out here. who knows how that'll go. it could be the biggest community theatre/highschool talent styles gong show, or it could be amazingness.

eff it. that's my motto. kind of like nike's 'just do it' ... but with inappropriate language.

what else.
i've made a couple new friends. boys/men.... or boys2men... and i'm mariah carey.... um. what?
one of whom i sort of think i probably might kindof sorta have a crush on. but he's in post breakup period.... not available.... i'm restraining myself. for the sake of no compromises/awesomeness. friends. i like friends.

frickin dudes. it always comes back to it.

c'est la vie.

i still miss my artsy fartsy gaytime buddies.
visit me.
or at least comment on my blog so i feel like i'm special.