Sunday, November 26, 2006

detox time

so after a week of drinking in paris and monaco, followed by a week of drinking to adjust to coming home... come to think of it, there was a week of drinking prior to departure as well... hmmm... could explain why i feel like a bag o shit.
anyhoo - i bought an herbal cleanse - 7 day - from the health food store. now i can't drink for a week! (she says as she sips her glass of red wine... wine isn't alchohol! at least not to the europeans :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hypothetical question

so what do you do when you accidentally let someone fall for you? hypothetically speaking... say you strike up a friendship in which the other person becomes smitten and you are clear that you only want and can be friends? and say the other person seems obviously distressed by this as you leave them at the airport to run enthusiastically into the arms of your super cute bf? and say that person weakly says "call me" as you zip away - clearly not affected by parting? do you call? do you let it lie? do you attempt the friendship even though you know the other person will be hoping for more? what do you do?

hypothetically speaking.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


it's sunny in toronto, but i'm still heading into post-trip blazees. i spent 8 days being wined and dined, performing for royals and dignitaries, getting countless photo's taken, being told i am beautiful by men in uniform on a daily basis....
at least i enjoy my life here.... but where's my breakfast buffet? where are my glass bottles of evian and champagne? garcon!!

the one thing that made me look forward to coming home was the thought of seeing my bf at the airport. this at least kept me coasting on my air of euphoria for a little while longer. but now i just want to lay in bed all day and have sex and watch movies and eat icecream and pie and cuddle. however i have things to do. i have to work tonight. i have to work tomorrow. i have to work friday and saturday....

and it will quickly fade.
laying under the eiffel tower at 1am
swimming in the mediterranean
marching for the prince with the pipeband in front of the palace
eating amazing cheeses and pastries and chocolate mousses
drinking bottles of vin rouge
staring up at notre dame
taking part in a ceremony under the arc de triomph(sp?)

good bye paris and monaco.
perhaps we'll meet again.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i'm baaaaccckkk!!

i'm back.
i just had the most surreal 8 days of my life.
maybe it was all just a dream?

Saturday, November 11, 2006


so i lied about 8 days. i'll be gone for 8 days... not in 8 days. i'm leaving tomorrow!! yikes! not packed yet! 10pm at night!
i'm a procrastinator.

got a call from ex boyfriend at 2am last night... no message.
i almost didn't recognize the number on my phone.
sort of freaked me out, b/c shortly after the dog started barking at something/someone... so i was like - ahhh... maybe he's on my deck!
i think i was just half asleep and paraniod....
but what if???

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

8 days

it's been too long since i've blogged. it's been too long since i had a day off. the last day i had off - i blogged... a ha! it all makes sense now!
well not really.
i'm off to paris, nice and monaco in 8 days.
to dance for the prince.
the prince of monaco.
maybe it's all a scam.
maybe i will wake up in a bathtub in the south of france without my liver.


i hope that's not the case.