Monday, November 17, 2008

what i´m really thinking

dudes! i haven´t blogged in way too long. on my real blog, that is.

i´m just spent. time is not exactly so much available these days.
but... only 10 days left here, then 16 days of travel to cancun, then back to mom and dad´s place.
for an indefinite time period.
still thinking maybe living at home would be smart, financially speaking, if the agency can´t take me back.
i´ll hold off on making a decision there.
although, moving back home at age 28 may make me want to slit my eyeballs open just a little. so maybe it´ll be toronto and debt afterall.

side note: re: rugby player who posted me all over facebook. he still lets me know about the other girls he´s interested in so wtf. seriously. just fall madly in love with me already so i can decide i was actually only into you b-c you weren´t into me and i can reject you.
don´t boys know anything??

in the meantime, i let my standards slide and hooked up with a short stalky british guy who was breaking up with his gf. but he had a good sense of humour (can´t believe i just said that). and left the country 2 days later. thankfully. a definite not-so-attractive-fling requirement.

oh to be back in canada. i just can´t wait to get back and be socially isolated for preaching against materialism and capitalism and make people feel shitty for doing their christmas shopping at walmart. whoo hoo! happy holidays!