Monday, December 15, 2008

i'm a b.c. girl

i'm back.
i'm living with mom and dad.
for at least 6 months.
um. what?
yes. that's right.
i'm a winner.
first prize.

living the life of luxury with the parents.
good times, noodle salad.

so far so good.
it's been 2 days.

oh, and i have my cat back.
the fattest fatty cat. he's had an exciting social life while i've been away... and has been ridiculously spoiled.
i figure he has the right idea. i'm joining him.
although, both of us need to go on a diet.

i'm dreading all the people i'll have to tell the same schpeal to re: my trip away and what i'm doing with my life now.
i think i should just have a newsletter. i always feel like i'm explaining myself to people.
it's exhausting.
also - watching all the world vision commercials on my parents big screen t.v.
as alanis would say... isn't it ironic?

i miss my toronto friends. i'll visit. and you should all come visit me and stay with my parents and we can drink good wine and participate in mountain snow sports. or just drink good wine. but the mountain snow sports include ogling cute australian boys up at the ski hill.
take your pick.

i predict a mental break down in just under a month.
3-2-1 take off!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i´m in tourist town with 24 hours to go b4 coming back to canada. i think there might be a little sun. i think i´ll go to the beach. i think i hate tourists and people who spend all their money on designer clothes, resorts, weird souvenirs and snorkelling tours.
i think i don´t know how to function in society.
i hate the idea of christmas shopping.
but i have to christmas shop or else i´m an asshole.
so i´ll buy stuff that other people don´t really need.
and spend too much $ on it because i´m in tourist town.

i thought my experiences away would kill my superficial desires and insecurities. they haven´t. but now i just feel more guilty for having them.
i´ll get over it.
i hope.