Saturday, December 15, 2007

once a committment phobe....

so i'm back to freak out mode.
he said:
'so we haven't talked about what we are going to do when you are in mexico'
i thought:
'ahhhhhhhh!!!! you're trying to trap me! you're trying to squash my fabulous free spirited ways!'
i calmly replied:
'whatever do you mean' (innocent bewildered look... well not quite... but you get my drift)
he said:
'well, you might meet some guys there'
i said:
'you might meet some girls here' (well played, i know...)
he said:
'i'm just wondering what you want to do'
i thought:
'i want to have hot passionate sex with foreign men without any consequences and come back here after 2 1/2 weeks to you worshiping the very ground i walk on'
i actually said:
'let's just play it by ear, see what happens'
he was quiet.

dammit.... why did he have to bring it up? just when i was starting to let down my guard.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


so i don't really know what happened and when... but somewhere between last post and now, my cynical side has taken a backseat to retarded behaviour such as:
- big smile across my face whenever i see boy, flutter of excitement whenever i think about boy,
- random thoughts of future life, job, and apartment with choose-your-own-adventure options for with boy and without.

i'm not well.
i'm still talking the talk of the cynic... acting all... 'whatever' and 'we'll see' and 'i don't know'. i think it's mildly convincing. i've mildly convinced myself....

i actually can pinpoint the turning point, now that i think of it.
this is what happened:
on the weekend - i spent two nights in a row with boy. was getting freaked out. boy came to see me perform. boy, me and guy friend went out for drinks. boy wanted to go home - asked if i could come with. i said no b/c of cat. he was very cool about it. but then i said goodbye, pretended to go home and then proceeded to go for 2 more pitchers with guy friend with the hopes that we would hook up so that i could confidently confirm my status as single. here's where i point out what an asshole i am...
we didn't hook up. i didn't want to. i'm not even into my guy friend. he's just my friend. any doubts i ever had about that were quickly erased that eve.
but i did get super drunk and crashed at his place. in his bed. nothing happened.
i woke up feeling like shit, both physically and emotionally. i felt like an asshole.... possibly because i am one. i missed boy.

next time i talked to boy he seemed distant. i felt panicked.
i then cleared a little space in my brain to accept the fact that i like boy. i made an effort to go see him.
next time i saw him i was toast. with butter and jam.

i noticed today that he took away his 'looking for' status on facebook.
when i used his computer the other day(when he was out) i saw that he googled a song named after me for guitar tabs. how retardedly cute is that? almost enough to vomit. almost enough to start writing his name in little hearts all over my geography binder (note obvious highschool crush reference).

i'm still not making any committments.... these things will have to wait til post mexico. just b/c i'm falling for guy is no excuse to give up potential hot situations in a foreign language.
am i right? i'm right. i'm totally right.

i'm totally cool. totally in control.
no worries.
totally fine...
shuttup! you're all judging me!
i'm so fine about all this....

Friday, December 07, 2007

2 weeks

i have two weeks and one day before i leave for mexico.
two weeks to:

-work exactly 8 more shifts.
-brush up on my spanish (this includes watching spanish movies, listening to spanish music, and doing spanish homework).
-have the hottest surf-ready body ever (this includes eating no bad food and working out every day).
-find wonderful enlightening book(s) to bring with me.
-get a base tan via artificial cancer-inducing salon.
-write exam for work so i am officially certified and don't have to stress out about it over holiday, and maybe get offered amazing job in mexico so that i don't have to come back.
-not spend all my money so that i'm not crazy broke and stressed when i return from amazing mexico.
-get travellers cheques.
-pack .
-not fall for new guy.
-not become in any way committed to new guy.
-not become attached to, dependent of, needy of. wanting more of, obsessed with or sentimentally inclined towards - new guy.
-do laundry.
-get professional bikini wax so as not to appear european in hot bikini in hot body on hot beach with hot surfers who i will have hot fantasy-type experiences with b/c i'm not in any way committed to new guy.
-make two weeks be more like 2 days in my head.

i think all these things are reasonably do-able in two weeks. no problem. i'll let you know how it all works out.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

oh so predictable.

i'm starting to like him too much.
i knew this would happen.
he wants to drive me to the airport when i leave for mexico.
that's 3 weeks away.

i met his brother.
before i met him(the brother), i thought i'd end up wanting to sleep with him (because that's just how things work for me...) but i didn't.
his brother is cute and tall.
but i didn't care.
i like my guy. my guy is cuter.

two and a half weeks in mexico will hopefully start me thinking straight.
i may be getting in over my head.