Tuesday, August 10, 2010

who cares?

this town.
beautiful, nice weather, easy living.
people - pretty boring.
as a whole...

i'm trying to ramp up a little enthusiasm for our local Pride events.
one... maybe two of my hetero friends seems to give a shit.

after spending 3 weeks in Toronto, i'm finding it hard to bother trying to be social here.
aside from my bf and a couple friends (whom i only see for occasional coffee dates) not many people seem to have any depth of character.

harsh? maybe. probably...
but after hand picking wonderful friends over 10 years - friends who've completely enriched my life - it's hard to make small talk with people who are more passionate about speed boats than human rights.

i want art, i want opinion, i want compassion, i want empathy, i want intelligence, i want social awareness, i want adventure, i want comedy and ridiculousness.

but i fear becoming a hermit during my last 6-12 months and so i really need to make an effort.