Wednesday, July 23, 2008

swearing, sex and friendship

so after an emotional breakdown on monday i'm feeling a little better about life.
it's still f-ed up here, but i'm feeling a little more proactive about it.
my roommates are all leaving in 2-3 weeks, new ones will move in.
this will leave me with three roommates. all age 20. two very sheltered mormons from utah.

i am going to have to start stalking the volunteers working and living elsewhere who seem like my kind of people.

i haven't been able to say my usual raunchy expressions and have someone appreciate it for what it is.
i long for a potty mouthed friend.

i could also handle some of the opposite sex.
like yesterday.
the people who are getting laid here seem to have a much rosier outlook in general.

what a concept.

Monday, July 14, 2008


i live with 6 other volunteers.
2 are young girls of 19 and 20.
one is a 25 yr old guy, who´s pretty cute, but a slight bit ego centric and is f-ing the 19 year old, which makes him act slightly like a cocky bastard.
one is a french canadian girls who´s 32, she´s a modern dancer and artsy and bluntly honest and passionate and i love her.
unfortunately she´s leaving first.
but the others will be leaving a few days after her.
two others are a couple from holland who seem nice, will be here for 4 weeks, but i don´t know them b-c they just got here.

after that there will be 2 cousins from utah, me, and i think a couple of guys... eventually..... not quite sure.
oh, and the termites that build tubes that hang from my ceiling... totally gross.

there´s a volunteer that works at one of the other locations (a location i´ll be working at once a week eventually) who´s a karate instructor-personal trainer from new york. hot.
but i havent really met him yet.

things to look forward to? who knows.
i´ve gotten over my swedish boy. until he facebook messages me again, of course....

and that´s that.
life is different here.
i feel like i may be getting a tad more serious, or something. or boring. i feel like i´m becoming boring.
that´s okay though.
i think i may just be in shock.

adios for now.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

timewasting ramble

so i'm waiting five million hours for my photos to upload.... right now... 7% complete... i think that took about 15 minutes.... this is going to cost me.
ah well.
the ameobas in my intestines seem to have died. i'm actually making solid poo now. sorry if that grosses you out, but it's been my most important accomplishment this week. you'll understand if you ever get ameoba's in your intestines. grossest most unpleasant/painful thing ever.
i'm out of guatemala. yay! i thought guatemala would be my favorite. but there was this f/ed up energy there. i don't know that i can explain. i think it was all the poser hippie types and druggie partiers pretending to be all alternative and cool. really just a hangout for losers who are trying to escape their lives.
sorry if that sounds harsh, but i've become judgemental of many backpackers. it seems to be a travelling party/escape trip for so many. i can't relate. maybe i'm getting old. i dunno. but it pisses me off when i'm seeing so much poverty and corruption and then these slacker packpacking stoners just plop their useless asses down in some beautiful place, work in some bar and pretend to be artists or hippies or something. it's borderline infuriating(sp?).
maybe i've just been travelling alone too long.

change subject....
my swedish travel buddy of 5 days in mexico who has the gf.... wrote this big ass message on my wall..... ended with an xoxo.... um... what!? and now i'm being all excited and girly about it.
what is wrong with me!!! he has a girlfriend!!! but... i think all is not well on that front.
i think i have a crush on him.... well duh.
and he's totally just using me as his me-and-my-girlfriend-are-having-a-conflict-so-i'm-going-to-distract-myself-with-the-canadian-girl person.
i think i need to get a crush on someone who has a crush back.
but i'll be entering a land of mormons soon.... not going to date a mormon. too many issues there...

tomorrow i go to the volunteer house.
i'll be starting my volunteering in a couple of days. it's already here. and i'm finally ready for it.
i was soooo not ready for it, but after feeling like i was going to die alone in guatemala.... i'm pretty ready.
bring it on.