Wednesday, July 23, 2008

swearing, sex and friendship

so after an emotional breakdown on monday i'm feeling a little better about life.
it's still f-ed up here, but i'm feeling a little more proactive about it.
my roommates are all leaving in 2-3 weeks, new ones will move in.
this will leave me with three roommates. all age 20. two very sheltered mormons from utah.

i am going to have to start stalking the volunteers working and living elsewhere who seem like my kind of people.

i haven't been able to say my usual raunchy expressions and have someone appreciate it for what it is.
i long for a potty mouthed friend.

i could also handle some of the opposite sex.
like yesterday.
the people who are getting laid here seem to have a much rosier outlook in general.

what a concept.


Neenia said...

I miss your potty mouth.

If you'd like, you're welcome to send me an email filled with all the raunchy, filthy, nasty things you'd like to say but can't. I'll appreciate it and it might be good therapy for you.

nosiren said...

still reading both your blogs. Our mutiny over not being allowed to go to Seoul this weekend seems so petty when I read about your life right now. The kids I'm teaching are unhappy and sick because of *over*ambitious adults here. We are so frustrated as teachers, teaching them poorly prepared curriculum, 10 hour days when we know they need to sleep and be kids. And yet it all pales in comparison. Love ya lots and thinking about you.

Anonymous said...