Monday, July 14, 2008


i live with 6 other volunteers.
2 are young girls of 19 and 20.
one is a 25 yr old guy, who´s pretty cute, but a slight bit ego centric and is f-ing the 19 year old, which makes him act slightly like a cocky bastard.
one is a french canadian girls who´s 32, she´s a modern dancer and artsy and bluntly honest and passionate and i love her.
unfortunately she´s leaving first.
but the others will be leaving a few days after her.
two others are a couple from holland who seem nice, will be here for 4 weeks, but i don´t know them b-c they just got here.

after that there will be 2 cousins from utah, me, and i think a couple of guys... eventually..... not quite sure.
oh, and the termites that build tubes that hang from my ceiling... totally gross.

there´s a volunteer that works at one of the other locations (a location i´ll be working at once a week eventually) who´s a karate instructor-personal trainer from new york. hot.
but i havent really met him yet.

things to look forward to? who knows.
i´ve gotten over my swedish boy. until he facebook messages me again, of course....

and that´s that.
life is different here.
i feel like i may be getting a tad more serious, or something. or boring. i feel like i´m becoming boring.
that´s okay though.
i think i may just be in shock.

adios for now.


nosiren said...

yep. living in a 3rd world country in a dorm with termites and putting your career on hold for 8 months to develop an arts program for orphaned children . . . incredibly boring.

skinny-rabbit said...

You're on a mission, baby! You'll feel less boring after you fuck the New Yorker.

warriorprincesse said...

interesting people can't be boring. write things down. make a book or a play! get it published/produced!

artsmonkey said...

creating theatre isn´t really top on my list right now. maybe later.

Anonymous said...

Yay Art!

Neenia said...

I'm with nosiren. You're such a snoring bore. *yawns*

Anonymous said...