Saturday, December 15, 2007

once a committment phobe....

so i'm back to freak out mode.
he said:
'so we haven't talked about what we are going to do when you are in mexico'
i thought:
'ahhhhhhhh!!!! you're trying to trap me! you're trying to squash my fabulous free spirited ways!'
i calmly replied:
'whatever do you mean' (innocent bewildered look... well not quite... but you get my drift)
he said:
'well, you might meet some guys there'
i said:
'you might meet some girls here' (well played, i know...)
he said:
'i'm just wondering what you want to do'
i thought:
'i want to have hot passionate sex with foreign men without any consequences and come back here after 2 1/2 weeks to you worshiping the very ground i walk on'
i actually said:
'let's just play it by ear, see what happens'
he was quiet.

dammit.... why did he have to bring it up? just when i was starting to let down my guard.


bedroomprince said...

Once again... Shouldn't this be a play of some sort?

warriorprincesse said...

you should have said: "what do you want to do?" and then fucked hot foreigners regardless of his feelings. It's a vacation! you can love each other up afterwards!

warriorprincesse said...

aaaaand, I'm a horrible person.

skinny-rabbit said...

I told my guy that I'm taking things slow so that I wouldn't miss him when I went to Mexico. I didn't miss him at all. Now I don't even feel like calling him. I wonder what both these men are feeling.

somebody said...