Wednesday, January 09, 2008

and the boy wins over the fling....

so i missed him.
but that doesn't mean i was good while i was away.
i couldn't have been... i needed to do what i would have done if single.
that was the point of going away.
to be independent. to be alone and experience traveling alone.

i'm back.
he missed me. a lot.
however i try to avoid labeling this situation it seems fairly clear upon my return that i'm in a relationship.
at least i held out til the new year.
what can you do.


nosiren said...

you weren't good? fill me in??

artsmonkey said...

much can happen in 2 days. or 5 hours.

nosiren said...

we need to talk

warriorprincesse said...

you need to blog! details!

There's nothing wrong with relationships. Well, of course there's something wrong with "relationships" but not any relationship you're in! Why on earth would you think anything YOU're involved in would be unoriginal or boring or ...anything bad at all???

skinny-rabbit said...

This is exciting.

somebody said...