Tuesday, January 29, 2008

once more into the....

so i'm back to online dating.

i just don't like to be bored.
i constanly want to entertain myself. and if that means freaking myself out by making blind dates, then so be it.

i was discussing this with a client and a co-worker yesterday. i was explaining how this is sort of a fun hobby, and i'm not quick to respond to messages or stick with a conversation on line, b/c in the end - i don't really care about meeting anyone new. i've had a couple persistant guys who don't get the hint when i don't return a call....

then they(client and coworker) made this point: the people on line are mostly at the end of their options. they are looking for love. they are wanting each possible meeting to potentially be the one. they're serious.

is this true? because, if so, maybe i shouldn't be participating in this sport. maybe i should just drop it and leave these people alone.

the thing is, if i was looking for love - i wouldn't be doing it on line. dating and sex is one thing, love and relationships are another. i don't want to test fate when it comes to something more serious - i think that's something that should come along more organically than by an on line dating service.

but that's my opinion.

i think i have a date tonight and a different date tomorrow. i hope they aren't crazy.... or if they are, just crazy enough to give me something good to blog about.


nosiren said...

i dunno. i know of a few people who've done it who aren't necessarily looking for "the one." online or off, honesty's always a good thing, i think.

skinny-rabbit said...

Some people are looking for love and some are just looking for sex. You have to just be up front about it from the get go. Maybe your online profile should read "Horny girl looking for a good time. Nothing meaningful."

somebody said...