Monday, January 21, 2008

off the top of my head

things on my mind.

i'm as antsy as hell.
i don't want to work today.
i'm feeling sick. i still have an ear infection, but i don't want to waste my free time going to a walk in.

i cancelled my voice lesson last minute, which is an ass thing to do, but i'm feeling half assed - and have no money, and don't want to spend the money i don't have on a lesson that wont be all that productive.

my ex, ex, ex boyfriend messaged me on facebook - just "hey, what's going on?".... he's probably about to get engaged or break up. these are the events that provoke a message to artsmonkey from an ex.

i set up an online profile again for dating... not b/c i want to date right now, but b/c i figure in a week or so i'll be in serious need/want of sex and need to cover my bases.

i don't want to go to work tonight, even though it's only 4 hrs. i'd like to not work mondays. i never want to go to work on mondays. and i always teach all classes which means there are no chances that i'll have a cancellation and get a free hr to myself.

i had weird dreams last night about swimming pools and being the other woman and dancing and being unappreciated. but in the dream i was hot and skinny...

my neighbor always plays weird indian music at this time of day. probably b/c he's from india. i'm not really a fan of the music. maybe just his specific taste.

i'm in an 'I DON'T WANNA!!!' mood. with everything. what i wanna is ice cream. what i wanna is movies. what i wanna is escapism and laziness and just fun. a slumber party would fit my mood about now. a three day slumber party.

bah. i wish i had the luxury to just hibernate through these moods. but instead i must work to pay rent, visa, bills etc. sometimes life is just too much effort.