Friday, January 18, 2008

boys stink

so, it once again seems to me that all boys are asswipes in some way, shape or form.
ok... maybe i'm being harsh... well, i am being harsh. now that i've acknowledged that...

boys are lame.
i met with boy for coffee to do the giving-back-of-stuff ritual. it was all very civilized. all very 'nice'.
among the niceties of the meeting, he very casually let me know that he was planning on moving to vancouver before i even broke things off. he was 'meaning to talk to me, but no time seemed to be appropriate.'
um. ok. don't you think this is something one brings up when one starts dating someone? like how i brought up that i was going to mexico? like how i brought up that i didn't want to jump into a relationship?
i just find the whole thing rather sleazy. faining real interest to get laid. getting all complimentary and emotional in hopes of some ego stroking. poo poo to that!
i probably would have liked him more if he had told me he was going away in the first place.

but here's the thing. (what's the thing, artsmonkey?... this is the thing...) the thing is - i don't think he was planning on moving to vancouver. he talked about it as if it was something he'd mulled over. he wasn't sold. he didn't want to go there and have to take a pay cut. i was encouraging him to go....
i don't think he had made up his mind.
i think i pushed him over the edge.
and i'm glad. b/c that means our relationship served a purpose.

but don't tell me that this was in the works from the beginning.
that's just covering your ego.
i think he was waiting to see if he and i had an actual chance.

i want to break hearts dammit! none of this "well i was going to break up with you first!" "no, II WAS!" "no, iiiiiii was!"

just be a man and admit that you're disappointed.
it's all balls.
balls i say.

i totally broke up with him first. it was my idea first.
don't steal my thunder.
the thunder is mine.
it belongs to me.
that's all. i think i've made my point.

i win.

ok. i'm done....

but i totally won.