Thursday, January 10, 2008

hello 2008

first day back.
things to get done.
email from my friend who's house sitting: "the landlord mentioned an eviction notice... get here soon".
so my jan cheque was dated 2007.
easy fix.
call landlord, write new cheque.
still, complaints about my cat from the neighbors.
things to do: write letter to neighbors asking to not let cat inside.... no problem.
next on the list.
go to pharmacy for morning after pill. one can never be too careful.
get to pharmacy. credit card declined.
things to do: call credit card company. easy. done. turns out i was issued a different card. my new card is at home. don't have money to get home. don't have debit card b/c it was lost in mexico.
things to do: go to bank. 20 min walk away.
no problem. run to bank get replacement debit card. done. no problem.
things to do: go back to pharmacy to pay for pill. take pill. 2 pills in 12 hrs without boy noticing.... timing will be off as can't inconspicuously take second pill in middle of night. will have to wait till boy is in shower in the am.
done. ok. no problem.

can do at boys house. almost done. next: load #2. no detergent.
things to do: go buy detergent.

things to do:
contact work re: hours. done.
contact agency re: schedule. don't know schedule. email agency and say i'll keep them updated. done.
things to do: contact director re: schedule for rehearsal for bad play.

what else....
go to gym... not going to happen.
have sex with boy.
add fling as friend on facebook.
wake up at boys house and start to freak out b/c i'm totally in a relationship.

one thing at a time.
no problem.
i can handle it.
2006 abd 2007 were full of such craziness that all this just seems like routine.
i think i'm getting the hang of this 'real world' thing.
only took me 4 years.

i think i'm going to like 2008.