Thursday, December 11, 2008


i´m in tourist town with 24 hours to go b4 coming back to canada. i think there might be a little sun. i think i´ll go to the beach. i think i hate tourists and people who spend all their money on designer clothes, resorts, weird souvenirs and snorkelling tours.
i think i don´t know how to function in society.
i hate the idea of christmas shopping.
but i have to christmas shop or else i´m an asshole.
so i´ll buy stuff that other people don´t really need.
and spend too much $ on it because i´m in tourist town.

i thought my experiences away would kill my superficial desires and insecurities. they haven´t. but now i just feel more guilty for having them.
i´ll get over it.
i hope.


warriorprincesse said...

Hey, get people all the same simple little thing but that are slightly different for each person: for example--my friend got everyone in her family a stone/gem type thing, either on a necklace or just in pretty stone form, and she chose a different one for each person and for different reasons, like rose quarts for love, malachite (sp?) for strength blah blah blah.

so could you do like the impoverished country equivalent for your friends and family?

skinny-rabbit said...

There's nothing wrong with superficial desires, as long as you have the money to support them.

Neenia said...

I heart you. Welcome home.

Anonymous said...