Saturday, November 11, 2006


so i lied about 8 days. i'll be gone for 8 days... not in 8 days. i'm leaving tomorrow!! yikes! not packed yet! 10pm at night!
i'm a procrastinator.

got a call from ex boyfriend at 2am last night... no message.
i almost didn't recognize the number on my phone.
sort of freaked me out, b/c shortly after the dog started barking at something/someone... so i was like - ahhh... maybe he's on my deck!
i think i was just half asleep and paraniod....
but what if???


nosiren said...

that's a little weird. . . maybe it's a good thing you're taking off soon. Hey, did you get your new baggage tag?

warriorprincesse said...

have so so so much fun!!! or, you are having so so so much fun!!! hope your fairy tale comes true!! (the one I made up for you)