Tuesday, September 12, 2006

it's been too long!

i feel a slight pang of guilt for abandoning my blog... i have excuses!! and sort of good ones!
here goes:
excuse #1 - i had a show i was writing, rehearsing for and performing in... it's now done
excuse #2 - i started a new job... yay! still not enough hours, but it's something!
excuse #3 - my sister was visiting me for 8 days - which was lots of fun - but again, taking away from blogging time
excuse #4 - i'm getting laid..... did i write that out loud?

hey... remember the time i wrote all about not wanting/ believing in a relationship right now b/c i was so fucked up over men/boys in general...
he he...
oh dear.
i'm smitten.... as a kitten? are kitten's really smitten? b/c my cat has never been smitten... even when he was a kitten - he's always been kind of a jerk actually...

but speaking of fucked up.... one of my exes who was living out east, then was living out west (so i only ran into him maybe once a year max - at which point we usually fell into old habits and had much unneccessary drama ensue) is now living a mere 2 hours from me.
wtf? but this time - i don't feel like it will have the same effect on me...
yet it is somewhat annoying.