Wednesday, July 18, 2007

where did the time go?

ahhhhh!! i am excessively overwhelmed at all the stuff i need to get done in a matter of a day. not even. tonight. blech. and i'm tired. and i want to take a nap. but my mind is racing too much to sleep. and my body is too tired to get stuff done so my mind won't race anymore.
what happened to all my time?
and when am i ever going to get laid when i'm so freakin busy?!!
i mean, first i have to meet someone. then arrange a 'date'. then decide if i even like them. then possibly have sex....
i have no time for all that.
whatever. i guess i'll have to be celebate for a while.
and stressed out.
celebate and stressed. a bad combination.
oh life.
on the bright side i have an agent.
on the bright side i'm in a show.
on the bright side i get to go to the cottage for a week and a half to do the show.
but why does it have to be so stressy?!!