Saturday, August 15, 2009

back on the blog horse

i'm back home. the blogging will continue after a month and a half of no posts. shameful, i know.
where do i begin?
the summer has been so full of blog worthyness that it would take me forever to try to update, so i wont.

for now i'll just say that i've decided a few things this year.
1. i will not compromise - this i'd decided quite a while ago. and so far so good
2. i will live in the present and the future, not the past. lately i've been living a lot in the present, dwelling a bit in memories, and not putting enough into my future.
3. i don't live in toronto anymore. i live in b.c.. i need to committ to that. i'm changing my phone number, my drivers licence, my health care. time to stop being such a nomad for a while.
4. i need to make money, even if that means working a 'real job' until i'm out of debt and have some savings so that i can have some freedom.

okay. that's all for now.
i'll save the stories for later.