Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this is my new theme.
and hence, i've decided it's appropriate to blog about it... seeing as i've been less than awesome by leaving my blog empty for a very long time.

i had an "aha!" moment two weekends ago when visiting beautiful victoria b.c.
hanging out with cousins.
staying on a stranger's hide-a-bed.
the stranger was a friend of my cousin. it turns out he's also friends with an elementary school crush of mine whom i've put up on a pedestal since i can remember.

and i thought "why have i put this guy up on a pedestal of awesomeness, when i am just as awesome as he is?"
so it began.
start living up to my potential... and moreover, don't make excuses or dumb down awesomeness that already exists in me.

it's more an attitude than anything else.
yes, i'm getting some more things done.
i've added some goals to my list.
but in general, it's a state of mind.


i encourage you to try it.