Wednesday, November 11, 2009

in the blink of an eye...

i'm back to being "just friends" with my friend.
(my celebate friend... by the way...)
that was quick.
but it goes with my theme of no compromise... i suppose...
two days ago i felt like shit about my lack of relationship potential,
yesterday i felt fine...
today i feel like life is as it should be.
it just makes sense.
it feels easy.

maybe it's b/c part of me senses he isn't truly what i want.
maybe it's b/c there's another new friend in the picture that has sparked my interest.
maybe it's b/c i'm way too busy right now to let anything register.
maybe it's b/c friends have always lasted longer for me than boyfriends.

in any case.
back to 100% single.
i feel.... relief....

aside from the fact that i will never get laid again.

i'd better go for a jog.