Wednesday, March 29, 2006

my fat cat

i put my cat on a diet about a month ago. he's still fat. why is he still fat? the vet doesnt understand why i can't reduce my pets weight.... i think he's eating out. i think he's getting friendly with the neighbors and eating their cat food. it's a mystery.... maybe he just needs to go for a jog 3 or 4 times a week. how do you motivate a cat to get in shape.... teach him little kitty crunches?
whenever he walks in the door he loudly demands food. i think he's addicted to food. i think he has a dependancy problem. he'll meow for food right after he's finished eating. maybe he really wants something else. maybe he needs a girlfriend. or maybe a boyfriend. i think maybe he's gay. maybe if he came out of the closet he would feel a sense of relief and would shed those extra pounds.
i have no answers.


Neenia said...

maybe he's an emotional eater...looking for love in the cookie jar...story of our lives.
this is lindsay, ps.
call me on friday!

bedroomprince said...

Fat is the new black. Your cat is just stylish