Thursday, August 17, 2006

day 11

i am on day 11 of a 14 day total body fitness/nutrition program that has promised to "transform my body"
it's actually working.
i'm actually sticking to it! i didn't know i had this much will power.
i kind of really want some carbs and some chocolate.
three more days.
three more days.
my clothes are too big for me.
my boobs are shrinking at a rapid pace - thank god i had boobies to spare! i have friends who wanted them - if you can find them, they're yours! free of charge.


skinny-rabbit said...

Go you with your will power. I haven't had enough of that to completely the two week crest white strips program. My question is, when this diet is over and you start eating carbs and chocolate again, does your body just go back to its original state?

Neenia said...

i have a problem with the crest whitestrips too. I always give up with something like 3 days left. i have yet to finish a pack, so giving up carbs and chocolate might be very difficult. especially in montreal where for breakast you can get your carbs and your chocolate in one delicious croissant. top it off with a coffee and you're pretty much done.

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

I'm so proud of you!!! Doesn't it feel good???! Isn't it all worth it? I love that feeling of accomplishment. I have the world's WORST will power.

artsmonkey said...

i can't committ to white strips either. i think it's all priorty. and i have to phase back into carbs... it's like a life change... woooo....

warriorprincesse said...

you rock! tell me this diet? is it free? do i have to go to the gym?

somebody said...