Saturday, December 02, 2006

the cleanse didn't work

so i wasnt ready to cleanse. there has been no cleansing this week. in fact the opposite.
and i'm minus a boyfriend.
i can't wrap my mind around it.
i can't quite get it.
i just followed an instinct.
my instincts are usually right.
so why do i feel ill.

but somehow it makes way too much sense.
for no reason at all.

time to open a bottle of wine.
perhaps take up smoking.
if i liked it.

what the hell am i doing.


skinny-rabbit said...

you're becoming lisa batson, it seems.

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

oh NO he didn't!!!!

so wait, did u end the relationship for reasons that made all kind of 'sense'? then it was probably the right way to go.

maybe i don't actually understand what's going on. I just really wanted to post a comment.

Neenia said...

dude, never refer to anyone as lisa batson, that's just wrong.

let's get drunk, artsmonkey.

nosiren said...


skinny-rabbit said...

I take it back. It was uncalled for and rude and I'm sorry. I'm battling my own demons and I took it out on the wrong person.

warriorprincesse said...


stay drunk, whatever, it never hurt anybody. Get drunk with neenia. when I get back, I'll buy you some wine.

Anonymous said...