Thursday, May 01, 2008

it's going to be alright

so i'm feeling better.
less freaked.
less annoyed.
more excited.
maybe it's the 'when harry met sally' that i indulged in.
maybe it's the bottle of red.
maybe it's the funtime collage i made (yay).

it's something.
i leave in one month.
crazy times.
i told my agency.... no guarantee's that they'll take me upon my return... but that's okay. i don't know if i will return.
but no jumping to conclusions. one step at a time.

my parents are going to take my cat while i'm gone. i'm sooooo relieved about that! so i'll get to see him at christmas! i can't believe i'll only have 3 more weeks with him! my love.

so much is changing!