Wednesday, April 30, 2008


you know when you're feeling all good about yourself, actually not feeling like a fat ugly cow, and then you see pics of yourself that make you look like a fat ugly cow??? yep. that's sort of just what's going on with me. all sorts of fat ugly cow pics of me on facebook. fantastic. i look pregnant and nasty.
next thing:
my exes accountant called me last night at 10pm (wtf?) for tax info re: the show we did together, and now he wants me to mail him receipts and shit. bah! i don't even do my own taxes properly! leave me alone! i need those receipts for when i get audited and have to try not to go to jail for financial negligence dammit!! i hate dealing with anything that has to do with money - let alone having to deal with other people's money.
i can't handle this right now.
next thing:
i leave in a month. a month!! and i have to deal with trying to get rid of all my stuff, find storage for the stuff i want to keep, figure out my finances b4 i go and - now - i have to go to bc for 2 days in the midst of it all to be maid of honour at sister's impromptu wedding!!! (which of course i'm totally there, but a little bit bad timing...)
so of course i'm in a big panic now and am wasting the days i have time to take care of these things by totally flipping out.

flipping out!!!!!
i could really stand to have some angry sex right now.