Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my happy list

i wrote a list like this once... but it was my 'things i am passionate about' list. same difference. anyhoo - i figure i need to do this so here goes off the top of my head:

my fuzzy cat sleeping at the end of my bed.
my guitar.
learning a song i already know but singing it in a new way on my guitar.
movies that make me cry in a good way. like juno.
my friends.
when a friend posts a hot pic of me on facebook on a day i'm feeling like a fatty.
cheese with apples or peanut butter with apples.
fantasizing about travel.
performing fun funny stuff.
having lots of cool people show up to my show.
a party that suprises me by being super fun when i thought it would be lame.
sitting around hungover with girlfriends eating and talking all day in pj's.
climbing a really tough route and making it to the top.
late cancelations at work and still getting paid for it.
running outside when my body isn't hurting.
talking on the phone to my sister.
younger boys who hit on me.
getting up early enough to have a non-rushed breakfast before work.
a co-worker going for a coffee run.
coffee at jet fuel in cabbagetown.
visiting family.
writing something new.
checking stuff off of my things to do list.
inside jokes.
figuring it out.
watching my hot friends be in hot shows.
letting it all hang out.
wine and cheese and great conversations.
knowing that i'm having an adventure.


Neenia said...

Aren't happy lists so good??? You just feel so...well, happy and stuff.
Apples with cheese or peanut butter makes me happy too.

Claire said...

It makes me want to write more!

nosiren said...

i've never had cheese with apples. but i'm glad i'm on your happy list . . . you're on mine, too! actually, maybe i should make a happy list . . . 'cause all the miniscule unhappy details have been making a habit of invading my focus.

Anonymous said...