Wednesday, June 25, 2008

roller coaster

my moods are insane lately. im hyper emotional. im getting super excited and inspired, then sad and lonely, then pissed off.
round and round i go.
i dont feel like public blogging so often b/c its starting to feel like a chore.
uploading photos takes a million years.
and im not in any of my photos.... well, barely.
im pissed off that im only fluent in english.
some days i feel like i can understand most things and communicate well.
other days, like when my french roommate doesnt want to speak to me in english, but wont speak to me simply in spanish, i feel like a complete moron who deserves to be hung for all the shitty things white people, english people and uni lingual people across the globe have ever done to anyone else.
theres no place to go for a jog in this place, so im starting to feel squishy.
there are occasional familiar faces i run into, but no one like my friends back home.
this computer is a ball sucking hell machine with fucked up punctuation that makes me appear like a delinquent in emails. it also lacks spell check.
im sure that in a couple hours i will be feeling elated and inspired again, but right now im just panicky b/c i dont have a plan.
but i dont want a plan.
im also wondering why i totally blew off my perfectly good onenighter in escondido when i could have probably said "hey, i had a good time, lets meet up in san cristobal and have mad sex in our own hotel room" . ... instead i bolted after the act, and upon running into him the next day simply said "bon voyage" when he said he was leaving that afternoon.
im a freak.
oh well.
i feel a bit better after this blog.
maybe ill write on my travel blog later.
i just wish i didnt feel like i had to or people would get annoyed.
disappearing seems like it might be fun.


nosiren said...

Don't disappear!

We'd miss you.

And private emails are cool too. Love the details, but "I'm alive" is ok if you're bagged.

Love ya lots

warriorprincesse said...

oh my god, disappearing is so much fun! but talk to us still. we wouldn't get mad, i just like the blog circle and I think you do too!

Anonymous said...