Friday, February 06, 2009


why is it so addicting and satisfying and unsatisfying?
this wierd replacement for an actual life. which is so much more addictive when you barely have a life...
i'm feeling all unpopular b/c no one commented on my stupid f-ing 25 things. everyone else got comments.
were my 25 things boring? irrelevant?
why does no one love me!!! AAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!
see! see what gd fb does to me!!??
and why do i need to be notified when other people comment on other people's 25 things??? just rubbing it in my face is what.
balls to the wall.

ooh - but to make up for it, today i had two previous crushes randomly write on my wall.
not important that one is married with three children and the other is 22 and inlove with someone else. and both live far far away. and i'm not actually interested in either other than in a purely facebook sense.... details.
also... other 'friend' (who, i think, also has a gf) offered for me to 'crash' at his place while in the t dot. what kind of offer is this??
as you can tell by my random obsessing - i have WAY too much time on my hands.

thank god i'm having a little toronto adventure in 4 days. sanity may be restored.