Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ode to 29

29 - so far you are the shit
i can't stop ageing by stressing about it - so eff it.

i've never auditioned this much in my life. not that i can remember. maybe it's b/c i'm applying for everything. maybe it's b/c i don't let myself make excuses not to go. maybe it's a bone that the universe has been witholding until now.
who knows.
all i know is it's pretty great.
except i'm not booking anything that pays... yet. think positive.

for skinny's sake - i'd like to let you all know that i got dissed (yes, i said 'dissed') by the local dinner/community theatre. didn't cast me. lame. lameo lamerton.

but who the eff cares??? i don't. i don't, really... although i thought it would be cool to play annie sullivan, or sing "SWING YOUR RAZOR WIDE, SWEENY". whatevs. no big deal. i'm 29 - i laugh in the face of rejection... hahahaHA!

i'm also mature enough now to ask boys out via facebook. no more silent stalking for me!! oh no - time is of the essence.

so what am i trying to say??
i don't know.
a lot of things suck, but a lot of things are pretty great.
life: bring it on.
30: bring it... well... take your time... but BRING IT.
'oh, it's already been broughten'.... snap.
i have no idea how that last quote pertains to this conversation i'm having with myself.
lack of sleep?
excessive hours driving??

oh - and ended up staying in a hostel last night in the same room alone with beautiful young athletic/rower/climber/swimmer from montreal. he was 22... if that. i was like "oh, this reminds me of something" / "i'm impervious to your charms boy!! i've done this before!"

wait a minute. THIS IS NOT AN ODE!!
it's a ramble.

i'm sorry fellow bloggers. my writing has gone down the toilet.
i'll insert poetry or something.

oooh! i did write a poem... i'll post it later. it's all longing and unrequited love-esque.
good times.

dear 29: where have you taken my writing skill? and my maturity for that matter??? don't worry, i still like you - but nobody may like me once you're done with me.