Monday, January 04, 2010

too good

if something seems too good to be true, it probably is...

i need to stop thinking like this.
i'm waiting for the ball to drop and smash into a million little pieces.

the boy. every time i see him he amazes me by something he does or says in complete sincerity.
when i'm not with him, i try not to listen to the little voice telling me that i don't deserve this, and sooner or later he'll figure that out...

but that's stupid right!
i really have to let go of all my past mistakes. i think i've paid my debt already... at least, i hope so.

it's as if life is all starting to drop into place for me... and, granted, i'm working/have worked my ass off for it....

it's just.... usually my efforts are 80% futile.
the career i've chosen
my extremely ideal ideals
the non-compromising life i've imagined

now, 2010 has rolled around... and it looks incredible. my only complaint (which i can't really complain about, b/c it's my own fault) is financial.
but other than that...
i've met the most amazing boy,
i'll be performing my own play in nyc AND toronto,
i'm taking a week off to go to mexico after nyc,
i've lost 20lbs in one year (granted, i was a bit of a fatty when i came back from honduras),
i have more local support for my endeavors than i thought would be possible in a small city,
i have somehow found 80% of the balanced life that i was searching for a couple of years ago when i decided to eff out of toronto and follow my heart.... and it's been a rocky as hell road

so am i here? have i managed to climb up and get to the top of those steps?? have i broken through the next barrier?

i remember, 2007, i felt that i had finally gotten my foot in the door... after 3 1/2 years of trudging through shit. and then i needed to reassess and figure out what was next.
maybe this year i'll walk through the next door.

i just hope there isn't such a thing as "too good to be true" ... b/c there sure as hell isn't such a thing as "too bad to be true".


Phil said...

Im sure everything will work out well. It sounds like you deserve it after everything you have been through.

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Anonymous said...

i luv ur blog iv been readin it all day yes i am a creeper but dont wry im not a stalker im only 11