Monday, January 22, 2007

it's been so long!

ahhh! i haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks! i was starting to feel deprived! it's like life just attacked me and swallowed up all of my time. i think i'm emerging from that though...
i'm moving apartments in a month - about which i'm super excited. i will be living on my own for the first time ever! just me and my cat. who currently has diarhia - just a side note... what does one do about their pet if they are sick, but not sick enough to warrant spending $600+ on tests and such things at the vet?
okay, back to topic: moving out... yay! no more bed bugs! no more stupid landlord! my own space all to my self and my sickly cat!! wheee!!
now i just need to find a place.... i should probably get on that.

anyhoo - next on the agenda: being busy, but still trying to have a social life... is this possible?? probably not really! ahhh!! i haven't seen my friends in a long time. i only really see my boyfriend, my co workers, and occassionally my roomie (but only b/c she is also a co-worker). i need to find more me-time. me-time and friend-time should be more of a priority.
step 1 of me-time: blogging... check
step 1 of friend time: have drink with friend... check (i'm going for a drink with bedroom prince tonight.
okay. so i'm getting there.

third thing on agenda: becoming famous.... working on it. i got cast in my first student film yesterday - i was pretty excited. small step, but a step. i'm also in two short plays in a valentines week show - so that's something. no money - but babysteps... good times.

fourth thing on agenda: not being a freak in my relationship. not sure if that's possible. hopefully my exceptionally patient and thoughtful boyfriend will continue to put up with all my walls, freakouts, stresses and general irrational behaviours.

so i have a few things.
these sound like new years type resolutions.
oh well - i had to give into it at some point, yes?


warriorprincesse said...

you're so cool.

change your cat's food, spending a little more on the good stuff could save you the vet money (which my lovah is currently paying for--love hurts)

freaking out in relationships is what makes relationships awesome. (I guess kinda like getting my face licked by drunk french losers is what makes my trip interesting)
and since you're going out with Bedroom Prince tonight, ask him how he does the busy social thing, he's the king of it!

I missed you! welcome back!

nosiren said...

Yay on student film! Congratulations!

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

congratulations on the baby steps. i think their more like toddler steps myself, but anyway.

you should also make some friend time mid february because skinnyrabbit and i might just be around for your enjoyment. good times? yes?

oh, and this blog feels as tho i wrote it. i'm the captain of the relationship-freaker-outters team.

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

ugh i hate grammar errors! "THEY'RE" not "THEIR". fuckity fuck fuck.

skinny-rabbit said...

Ok, we , oh fuck. Nevermind.

(I was just about to write that we should totally have a bloggers get together just the 6 of us, but then I realized one of us is in Switzerland. That person shall remain nameless.)

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