Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a day off???

why is it that my days off work are never actually days off? i think i may be a workaholic at heart. i've gone out of my way to only be at work 4 days a week - but my "days off" aren't actually that less busy.
for example: today is wednesday - wednesday is my sunday. today i have a meeting at noon, a rehearsal at 2-4, another meeting at 430ish and i'm going to see an apartment at 7pm.
i think i'm incapable of just chilling the f out.
when i actually have a day where i'm not doing anything, i usually feel lazy and depressed.... i'm like "go go go go go go go!!" the only way for me to chill is to leave town. and i am! montreal for 3 nights.... won't it be loverly?


warriorprincesse said...

dude! have fun and slack!

I just noticed you don't really use capitals. you're e. e. cummings!

skinny-rabbit said...

wow, I never noticed that before. me likey.

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

i know that feeling. but i am, however, a procrastinator. i have shit to do but instead i chose to chill out. it feels much better getting stuff done tho.

have fun in montreal. jealous :(

somebody said...


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