Sunday, March 25, 2007

"i am stary eyed and vaguely discontented..."

spring is in the air. the cold winter-like air. but it's here. the antsyness. the anticipation of what? something. my show opening in less than 3 weeks. my sister and my parents visiting. the show ending. the extra free time after the show. what will i do? what will life be like? will i actually give myself the free time that i'd like?
this time of year always comes with ants in the pants. i'm always just slightly bored. feeling a little bit reckless. i want new clothes. i want to pierce something. i want to lose weight. i want to eat a giant pie with icecream. i want to go somewhere. i want to meet someone new. i want more stimulation. but i'm too antsy and restless to actually get things done.
when i'm rich, i will just fly off in my private jet at times like this. or buy a random ticket to somewhere and only bring a credit card. i'll write stories. i'll run around and scream in exotic locations.
i suppose i could run around and scream on the danforth.
not as exciting - is it?
what is that? spring fever. it's times like this that i remember that we are just animals responding to our natural instincts. animals! all of us.