Friday, February 29, 2008

ask and you shall receive

i had forgotten about the power of prayer.
and i'm not talking religion. i'm not talking church. i'm not talking anything but simply opening up and asking.... asking someone, god, whomever, the universe, myself... whatever you want to call it.
asking for help.
asking for a clear path.
call it meditation. call it whatever you want. i call it prayer.
it's something i used to do when i was a kid nearly every night.
somewhere i stopped.
probably in my rejection of church and my former beliefs.

the other day i sat down, upset, lost, bored - feeling stuck. and i asked and questioned and talked. i asked for openings, for chances, for intuition. i felt a sense of relief.
the next day i got a call that i had 2 auditions.
a couple days later, feeling all jumbled and upset again i sat and did the same thing. talk, asked, questioned. i was feeling stressed about a creative project with a friend/colleague. i was feeling helpless about the outcome of an audition.
the next day the exact worry i had with that colleague was resolved by her approaching me on the subject i didn't know how to bring up. on the same day i got a call back for an audition.

there's something to be said about all this.
i don't know what it is... maybe just taking actual time to stop, think, question and be true to yourself. synchronicity perhaps.

i think i need to make a habit of this.