Tuesday, February 26, 2008

whine whine whine

so i'm guessing the tub of haagen daaz isn't included in my no-carb diet plan.... oops.
i cracked - what can i say?

i have stuff i need to get done. stuff. writing stuff. promo stuff.
i'm lazy.
thinking of ways to escape.

dishes need to be done...
boo to stuff!

i want to sit and eat and watch t.v.
if only i had cable.

i'm waiting for a thunderbolt of excitement to come crashing down from the sky.
wait for it.... wait for it.... wait for it....

totally boring.


Neenia said...

I think that maybe, to quote skinny-rabbit, we're all pretty "dry" at the moment. I hope our mojo comes back soon.

warriorprincesse said...

haha mojo is a funny word and concept. I like it. Monkey, if you eat iced cream and watch tv in your pjs with a friend, it counts as healthy socialising, absolutely vital to leading a good life. Do it with a friend...I'm pretty free...

somebody said...