Saturday, March 21, 2009

the real world?

i finished my first week of the temp job.
i'm relieved to be busy.
i'm happy to be around people.
it's fun to dress pretty.
a 'real' job.

feels kind of like being back in high school or university.
more high school, actually.
the structure. the familiar faces. the boys and the girls. the superiors and inferiors.
mutual checking out. idle chit chat. mini crushes. strategic flirting.
a predictable landscape where you can fantasize about the unpredictable.

i get why people, most people, choose this life.
it's so simple.
just show up.
i'm sure, at least i hope i'm sure, that i'll get bored of it all.
i'm counting on it.
but for now i'm enjoying this part i'm playing.


Neenia said...

You're playing grown-up! I played grownup two summers ago, when I worked days at the restaurant and it was pretty fun. Not the actual job part; that made me want to fling myself out the window from sheer boredom. But, the being home by 5pm and having Saturdays and Sundays off was very satisfying.

somebody said...