Saturday, March 21, 2009

waiting for doug

i'm sitting around, house to myself for the weekend... actually having a weekend in the traditional sense...

i feel like i should be doing something productive just because. however, i am currently waiting for the microwave guy to finish installing the microwave. dave from sears. or is it doug from sears... i'm bad with names. i'm also hungry. doug - let's call him doug - called at 930am to say he'd arrive 'late morning' which, in installer-guy terms, i take to mean noon. so i started making my amazing brunch at about 1020, when 'dingdong!' doug's here! 45 minutes he says. i've left the sauteed omelette ingredients on the counter. bread teetering in the toaster. i'm hungry dammit!

it's absolutely beautiful outside. but i must eat before exiting the house. so now i'm diddling around on line. i can smell my half made brunch. mild torture.
i could make use of myself and work on my grant application... but that would just be too perfect of me. besides, i don't even know if i'm eligible for this specific grant. i'm waiting, and have been waiting for one and a half weeks, for nancy from the canada council to get back to me re: my resume. i think i may have the wrong email address.
it remains to be seen.

my plans for the weekend are as follows:
-go for a jog
-go for a swim
-wax legs
-paint nails
-rent a movie
-drink some wine
-buy new shoes and maybe tops for new job (gotta keep those office boys interested)
-think about sort of making progress on grant application
-be outside sometimes
not particularily in that order. so far i've done some writing, drank some wine (last night), and sent a second email regarding my grant eligiblity. not bad. not great.

i wish doug would speed things up... it's now been an hour at the least.
don't lie doug... it's not nice. 45 mins and an hour and 15 are two very different things. now doug is on his cell... hmm work related? who knows. ooh... sounds like he's nearly done. maybe.
i want to eat!

well... yet another random blog for self entertainment. i should do this more often.
okay. let's wrap this up, doug. time to go. the microwave seems to be installed.
why install a microwave anyway? it's always been a counter appliance to me. just plop the thing on the counter. but i guess when you live in a nice house and have nice things you can afford to suspend your microwave over top of the stove.

what a ridiculously cushy little world i'm living in at present.
it'll be nice to get back to reality eventually - where microwaves don't always exist.


skinny-rabbit said...

Good blog. Doug's an asshole.

Neenia said...

Indeed. I imagine you savoured that omelette after he left like no omelette has been savoured before.

My favorite line of this blog: "...but that would just be too perfect of me." I feel dat. Word.

Stephen said...

I thought you just had to plug a microwave in to make it work.
I don't have a microwave.

nosiren said...

poor doug.

bedroomprince said...

I have this week off. I'm bored. BLOG AGAIN!

warriorprincesse said...

When you microwave food, it takes out 90% of the nutrients. You should have told Doug he was killing your family slowly.

somebody said...