Friday, April 24, 2009

f-ing boys

i'm way too tired to go into every little detail but...
i hate my crush!!!
i hate him for being so difficult and cocky/insecure/smart ass and impossible to read.
i hate me for having a stupid crush on such a frustrating boy.
and he is.
a boy. a guy. a guys guy who has no clue that i'm interested.
the most i get is an elastic band shot at me from over a cubicle.
and i eat it up like a teenage girl who just ran into the jonas brothers at the dairy queen.

fuck i hate him. he's such a dick.

and in the meantime i could go for at least two other guys at the office. but am i interested??? no. of course not!! bah!
but he's tall and lanky and kinda geeky but in a cool way and has nice hands and wears his prescription sunglasses at his desk b/c he broke his regular glasses....
and he makes smartass/borderline insulting comments about me being the partner's daughter that make me want to punch him/have hot hate-sex with him.

this is torture.
thank god tax season is over in a week.


skinny-rabbit said...

Mmm sounds hot.

Neenia said...

I totes love you for " and I eat it up like a teenage girl who just ran into the jonas brothers at the dairy queen."

Tru' dat, girlfriend. Word.

Claire said...

Sounds amazingly hot! Obviously he likes you, he threw an elastic band at you! I love this guy! I love you crushing on him! Hit that shit! When will there be an office party?

somebody said...