Wednesday, June 21, 2006

au revoir cheffy

i've decided to forget the chef. he didnt show to my party on friday, after he already forgot my b-day -and he hasn't called since. i also haven't called - and i don't plan on it. i'm too good for this shit.
he was clearly a rebound, and 3 months is plenty of time to be rebounding.

they call it being on the rebound.... rebounding sounds like it would be fun. wheeeee!!!! no?
i guess it sort of is... it's after the rebound part that sucks. do they have a name for that? how about 'lying on the sidewalk all squashed b/c all the air has wafted out of the hole in your bouncy ball after it got punctured by a nail?' or 'flying off the trampoline into a tree and getting impaled by sharp branches?'
but that just sounds a little negative doesn't it?