Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hair grows back

so i've stopped panicking for a moment to breathe, sit back, and take a look at life. financial shit i am still in, yes, but i already have big f-ing student loans - what's another few thousand dollars? i really don't know that i want my child, born from another woman's uterus, raised by some strangers - wandering around out there. who am i kidding. i don't even like to share my hagen daaz ice cream, let alone my potential offspring. those eggs are mine dammit. MINE! i'd probably go crazy and start thinking that every child that resembles me was mine, and i'd become that weirdo in the white van asking them if they wanted candy - then whisking them away.
or not.
but seriously, i think i have some other options.
and i had a really good audition... maybe i'll get a job?
i'll be okay. and my hair actually looks pretty good now and then.


warriorprincesse said...

short cuts always look good sooner than you think. And if you find a way of making money that doesn't involve offspring, can you let me know?

nosiren said...

besides, what do you do if the kid resembles *me*?? (Or at least when she's being getting in trouble. . . isn't that the way it works?)

somebody said...