Thursday, October 11, 2007

date and the city

i had a date.
i have no serious interest in this person.
not even sure if i'm that attracted.
but i had a date!
i learned that on dates, men open doors for women, pay for things (also allow you to pay for some things), help you on with your coat and contact you the day after to say they enjoyed themselves.
weird hey?
who knew?
i think i like this 'dating' thing.
before when i dated - i was looking for love. i didn't really admit it, but i was. i was looking for 'the one'. so if the date wasn't good, it was depressing. if it wasn't great it was depressing. if i wasn't super into the guy - it was depressing.
now i can just enjoy it for what it is.
i say 'i don't want a relationship'
and now no expectations.
at all.


Neenia said...

yay for fun! dating is exciting.

warriorprincesse said...

that sounds so wicked!
and then, when you say you're not interested in a relationship, the guys will say "come on, just let me take you out for dinner!" and they'll want to woo you! wooing is so wicked! and then, when you're still not interested even if you had a fun time and a nice meal, they can't be mad because you said you weren't looking for anything!

Anonymous said...