Thursday, October 04, 2007

ladies who lunch

this woman who directed a documentary i was in last year keeps sending out emails to, i'm assuming, all her female contacts.
these emails are regarding social events that she is trying to organize for "womyn"
she spells it like that:
is that not like nails on a chalk board?!!! gahhhhh!!!!
stuff like "movies for my womyn friends about womyn so us womyn can get together and discuss what it is to be womyn."....blah blah blah
so i delete them b/c it takes all the power in me to even skim the email without throwing myself off a building and impailing myself on a lamp post.
but wait - now she just sent me a personal email!
"hey artsmonkey, did you get my email about the upcoming movie date for womyn?"
yes! but i trashed it! and i am rejecting your offers solely on the premise that i can't stand how you spell 'women'" it's w-o-m-e-n! no 'y'! no 'y' goddammit!!
also i don't know this lady at all and would feel strange and awkward going to some random event with god knows who.
hell, maybe i'm judgemental and awful.
but it's just how i feel.
now i need to find a way to decline politely.


skinny-rabbit said...

Just the other day I read or heard about someone who went to a feminist training school thing where they teach you to spell women with a y to be independant of men. Where did I read that? Your blog?

artsmonkey said...

hmm. i hadn't heard of this.... i'll mull it over - this may be more acceptable to me knowing this info.

Neenia said...

It's NEVER acceptable. I wouldn't go either based on this woman's stupidity.

bedroomprince said...

I also hate feminists who try to talk about herstory rather than history.

artsmonkey said...

ew. she says stuff like herstory too!

warriorprincesse said...

some people spell it wimmin.
EEEWWW!!! It's not judgemental, it's just not sending the English language to hell for the sake of feminism. if they really need something to make themselves feel that different from men, they should think that women are more than men. a "w" and an "o" more. feminists are idiots.

Anonymous said...