Monday, March 03, 2008

all good things

this blogging circle is starting to get pretty thin. the enthusiasm at which we all used to write has died down. it used to be a huge forum for discussion and sharing - we all started it apart, and it brought us together.
lately the gaps of time get larger between bursts of blogging. our comaradarie has begun to wane.... which when you think of it, makes sense - seeing as it really was about individuals in the beginning... we just happened to form a like-minded group.
i've noticed in general lately that things are shifting. with everything.
it seems like time is standing still, and nothing is progressing, nothing is changing.
i feel stuck.
but when i look at the evidence, everything is changing. everything is moving.
including circles of friends.
it's that time again where pieces start to break off, and each part becomes individual again.... looking for a new circle to latch onto.
it's not a bad thing.
it's just the nature of evolution. the nature of change.