Monday, March 10, 2008

random boy updates in point form

a list of things in my life that should have very little bearing, but for some reason stick to the forefront of my brain....
1. my ex ex ex boyfriend (the one who randomly messaged me on facebook about a month ago) is engaged. to be expected. seems reasonable.
2. hairclip boy a.k.a. under-the-covers guy showed up to my show last night right near the end, stayed to have a drink with me, then very abruptly left as soon as he finished his beer... not sure what that was all about.
3. random dude that i don't know, but knows the man i climb with, showed up to my show last night and now i may have another climbing partner... i'm a little weirded out as he joined both of my groups on facebook - one which really has no relevance anymore. stalker? possibly.
4. my ex's best friend contacted me and wants to 'socialize'. offered to buy drinks. hmmm.
5. this is more of a summary than a point - but i seem to be consistently gaining male 'friends' with fairly obvious alternative motives with whom i have no desire to have any sort of non-friend relationship with. more so than usual. like lots. i wonder if the universe is shoving these men in my face to say "you've used up all the ones with potential, and this is all that's left! too bad for you!"

it annoys me that i still focus on the opposite sex/ relationship drama... i've been writing about this shit since grade six.
i think it's time to put it to good use.
i think maybe it's time to write a play about it. if only to feel like it all has some sort of purpose.


warriorprincesse said...

hahaha i've been writing about it since i was six! it never gets old! there's obviously more to you than boyyys and we know that, so don't worry about writing about them!
also, the universe would never shove things in your face like that! I like to think the universe is kind!

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