Friday, September 12, 2008


i just need to swear and beat someone up a little.
why the f do people not do their job when it´s their job?
why the f would someone start an organization without the ability or funds to run it?
why would someone think it´s okay for a kid to only have a non functioning toilet full of shit, but make sure they got to go to a pool or get candy once a week?
why is the head of this organization such a dip shit?
why do i have to pay more to live in an orphanage where i do tripple the work as when i was living at a house?

i need to get drunk.
this organization makes me so mad.

and re: spilling secrets of the mormon guy?
basically questioning religion, identity and sexuality.
the usual.
totally what i predicted.
step up to artsmonkey´s councelling couch-hammock.


Neenia said...

That's totally frustrating and disgusting. Who are these people?

I need to get drunk too. I'll come to Central America this weekend if you come to Switzerland the next.

skinny-rabbit said...

Thank you for sharing.

Maybe the reason why God sent you to that place was to rescue it, as only you can do!

warriorprincesse said...

You can take over. Most dip shits just need someone amazing to take over.

Mormon is the funniest religion besides Scientology.

Anonymous said...