Wednesday, September 03, 2008

of course

so of course we had sex.
but we were totally drunk and a teensy bit high.
i barely remember how it even started.
i think it was just like an explosion of tension and frustration on both ends.

and then the next day...
acted like it didn´t even happen.
21years old. right. i forgot.

so totally awkward all day going for a hike with another volunteer and her bf.

finally at the end of the day i said something.
i said i didn´t know what to say.
so he said. so don´t.
so don´t.
so i said are we cool.
we´re cool.
21yrs old.

and now he´s gone. and i don´t know if i miss him or just the idea of someone who could be completely perfect for me in every possible way.
except for being 21 (nearly 22... but still) and finishing his last year at college as captain of the rugby team.

he left his teeshirt on the line.
i try not to be obsessed with it.

what the hell....


Neenia said...

Could he really be that perfect for you? Isn't he a bible-thumping, right-wing Christian?

Did you take his virginity?! Tell me you took his virginity.

nosiren said...

anyone who can ignore you the day after and then take off is not going to be perfect in any way.

but i get the frustration. being single and foreign heightens both the loneliness and frustration, i think.

skinny-rabbit said...

Thanks for making me horny. But when I read that he said "so don't" I totally lost my hard-on.

Anonymous said...