Sunday, September 07, 2008


now you guys are making me feel bad.
like some lame single late twenties loser who´s just obsessed with anyone i meet. i do have standards.
and he´s not a bible thumper.
he´s christian. there´s a difference. and not right wing either.
just young.
and gone.
and not probably quite right for me in the reality of what my life outside of a volunteer house in honduras would be.
but still.

i do feel more sex should have been had though.
what a waste.

i moved into the orphanage a week ago.
new scene.
i actually like it.
and my roommate is a blast and we can talk about sex and masterbation and swear and be highly inappropriate and it´s great.

i think what i needed here was a friend. and not a friend-crush.

and a new guy lives at the volunteer house now.
20yr old tree planter university student guitar player from thunder bay.
totally odd and funny and unappologetic and canadian. sort of vince vaughn like.
a needed addition to the other slightly uptight people there.

funnily enough it´s the 20yr old mormon guy who i´ll stay up til 2am talking to.
he´s already shared extreme personal information with me.
i think he´s majorly questioning who he is.
he likes talking to me b-c i don´t judge him.
i´m like a psuedo counsellor.

good times.
that´s what´s new with me.


nosiren said...

didn't mean to make you feel bad . . . sorry! :P

it sounds like you're working with lots of interesting people, which is awesome. keep up the counselling. i miss it ;).

Neenia said...

Um, hi. Have we met? I'm Neenia and I love to obsess over immature 21 year olds who aren't right for me. I wasn't judging you or trying to make you feel bad :). I'm loving you. Don't take my words the wrong way!

artsmonkey said...

ok. good. because i´m a spaz and i need blog support.

skinny-rabbit said...

Yeah, and I'm just jealous.

Next blog: Spill the mormon guy's secrets, please.

warriorprincesse said...

I fucking LOVE your life! And I'm glad that it's yours. You deserve it!

I'm back on your blogwagon.

Anonymous said...