Thursday, October 02, 2008

the inevitable

i´ve changed.
that´s certain.
how could i not after this past 4 months.

the question is, how much?
i think i´ll discover that when i get home.
i´m a bit freaked out by this idea.

i´m still the same person - but maybe i´ve just shed some layers.
i prefer to think of it that way.


skinny-rabbit said...

I'm so excited to meet the new you! Will you still be funny?

Neenia said...

Me too! What will you look like, I wonder?!

warriorprincesse said...

ah, you're the same, just different. It'll be funny to see all your friends again, because everyone will laugh because you're the same, but everyone will laugh because you're different.

not laugh in a mean way. laugh together kind of way.

don't be freaked out, it's fun!

Anonymous said...